Clubhouse Guide For Beginners

Clubhouse Guide For Beginners

What is Clubhouse? Clubhouse app is a new social media app, that allows people to connect with one another through audio.  This new platform allows you to chat, in real time with others. It feels like a live, raw, “podcast” without all the editing and with real time collaboration. Just like real life, in Clubhouse “rooms”, conversations about all walks of life: business, relationships, sports, anything you can think of are going on at any given time on Clubhouse.

1. PERFECT  YOUR CLUBHOUSE PROFILE / BIO-  Make sure you have a bio that authentically represents you and communicates what you want followers to know about you.  Your name on Clubhouse, should be your real name. The app currently isn’t accommodating brands or companies, it’s currently intended to be humans connecting with other humans, not brands.  Make your first 2 lines the most important key words about you. Don’t be afraid to use emoji’s, emoji’s are searchable on Clubhouse (one of my most favorite features about Clubhouse). Be sure to link your CH profile to your Twitter and Instagram. This is a way that users in the app can verify that you’re a real person.

2. FIGURE OUT WHO TO FOLLOW- Not sure who to follow? Follow real life friends, that you align with first. Next, search the app for industry heavy hitters fo your industry. Many of them are on Clubhouse and you’ll be able to tune in to their rooms, and if you’re lucky, interact with them within Clubhouse!  Once you tune in to a few rooms and conversations, consider following speakers that you really like in the future.

3. TUNE IN TO A FEW ROOMS / CONVERSATIONS- When you’re new tune in to a few rooms, bounce around and find one’s you like. Notice the hierarchy of how the rooms are set up in Clubhouse app.  The photos of the users are set up in order, starting with the Moderator of the room closest to the top left of your screen, followed by speakers who are “on the floor”, to friends of speakers, then the listeners of the room. A quick tip from my friend Tierra Willard on Clubhouse (@msrealestate), listen to Clubhouse on speaker on your iPhone. Its truly meant to be a an audio platform so if you can don't use headphones.

4. USE ETIQUETTE-  Interact on Clubhouse as if your Grandma is listening!  Be kind in your interactions, kindness goes a long way! Try to listen, but don’t be afraid to hit the “hand” emoji to raise your hand and contribute to the conversation if you have something valuable to contribute. Be sure to introduce yourself and use your name, and mention others names as well and repeat their name back if they said something you liked or wanted to agree with. Never be afraid to ask how to pro-nounce someone’s name or tell them how to pronounce yours! 

5. FOLLOW UP-  Don’t just follow people on the app.  Follow up with them and engage authentically with them. Click through their profile and engage with them on Twitter / Instagram. Like their posts, leave thoughtful and meaningful comments., consider DM’ing  them to have an authentic conversation. Thank them for hosting, thank them for being in your room, thank them for their thoughtful contributions to a conversation you heard on Clubhouse, etc.  Clubhouse is intended to be interactive - not just a follow and like app.

6. FUN TIP!  Like many social media apps, Clubhouse has it’s own “culture”. Something cool you can do on CH is “CLAP”. This unofficial language is to turn  your mic on and off rapidly. This is called  “clap” and is the ultimate “like” for the speaker. 

7. THE PARTY HAT-  When you're new your profile will have a "party hat" for your first week on Clubhouse.  It's the party hat emoji and will appear on the left side of your profile image. Jaleel Anthony, (@JALEELANTHONY) recommends use that party hat to your advantage, "when you're new on Clubhouse, celebrities an moderators will be more likely to bring you on stage when you have a party hat. Be sure to use that to your advantage while you have that party hat on your profile."

8. BE A STUDENT! Ask your real life friends, or maybe post on another social media platform (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and ask people WHAT they like about Clubhouse. Ask them what they are using CH for the most, and what they like about it. 


9.  WHAT’S NEXT? This guide is for beginner engagement on Clubhouse. The next step would be to host your own audio rooms and conversations, and eventually even start your own Club! 

10.  STAY TUNED!  Clubhouse is in Beta! That means it isn’t open to the public yet. The app is updating features rapidly on a weekly basis. Stay tuned for additional features, updates and more coming at a rapid rate.


  • Identify what types of rooms and people you want to connect with. (Maile’s tip: do some searches and make a list!
  • Understand what opportunities exist to serve CH community members.
  • Understand what conversations people want to tap into the most!
  • Build strong relations and communicate in a way that allows others to Know, Like and Trust Us Through Authenticity, Transparency, Vulnerability, Relatability, Hospitality, Social Proof and Testimonies.
  • Start / Host/ Moderate CH rooms, have your talking points and outlines prepped and ready to go. Make notes in advance how you can add value during that broadcast.
  • Know how to communicate your value / contribution to the room.
  • Give your best game without dangling a carrot.
  • Connect and NETWORK with the ones who are investing their TIME on the platform.
  • Have an attractive Icon (you can brand it by keeping it the same).
  • Join and contribute to rooms outside of your typical industry network.
  • Operate as a collective. (Maile’s tip: Collaboration over competition!)
  • Do great things for people on and off of Clubhouse. Once you do, people in clubhouse rooms an co-sign you for the audience in the CH rooms. (note: build clout!)
  • Tap into rooms early adding value by providing info, energy, music, etc.
  • Be prepared with the right thought provoking, informative, engaging questions to ask and discuss.
  • Share relative and powerful stories in the room.
  • Utilize info in your bio on CH and utilize the search app to find people.
  • Schedule CH room meetings to have all members be notified.
  • Have key words in your bio and utilize the search app to find people.
  • Learn how to start and end conversations with someone’s name.
  • Show genuine love and shout- out people in the room!
  • Be consistently present and of service to others.

 Guide Created by: Maile Cabral (@MaileCabral on CH)

Have Questions? Feel free to contact me!